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Replacing your casters

1.  Place stool upside down on a stable surface.

2.  Pull entire casters, including metal hood, out of base leg.  Sometimes they are very stuck, so it may help to use pliers and a hammer to get it out. Firmly grasp stem with pliers and carefully hammer pliers away from stool base until caster stem releases.  In case caster falls apart (with wheels separating from metal hood,) you must still remove the stem from the base.

3.  Once entire caster is removed, grasp new caster and insert stem into hole in base leg, pushing until fully inserted.


4.  Once all casters are replaced, turn right side up and enjoy your new ride!

(We suggest replacing all 5 casters on stools that are older than 1995, as there may be a two millimeter difference between old casters and modern ones, resulting in imbalance.)

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